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ATELIER97 ARTE CONTEMPORANEA is a small artist’s studio, based in italy and a multimedia community center that makes the connection between art and culture from 2012, created by artist and curator Alessio Guano.

Alessio Guano wants to expand, for this new year, the DIALOGS project to a greater number of artists from all over the world.
Focusing on the one to one exchange of small-format works of art, the Italian artist further develops the network of contacts that today has more than 300 artists from all over the world.

ATELIER97 ARTE CONTEMPORANEA seeks artists whose work and practice identifies and explores current themes and discoveries in contemporary art across all media, as remarkable opportunity for artists at any stage to collaborate with this space and to display al works in a collective exhibition during the 2019.

Submission of all media is accepted – paintings, photography and all two-dimensional work in new media.
Do not apply with work that is dated prior to 2018.

Submitted works must have the following dimensions:

two-dimensional works – 30x20cm or 30x40cm

There are no restriction to the themes.

deadline: ongoing
more info: or