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Call for Artist Proposals


2019 Art + Technology Lab
Call for Artist Proposals

Art + Technology
The Art + Technology Lab at LACMA is once again accepting proposals from artists for experimental projects with awards of up to $50,000 plus in-kind support from the museum and private partners in technology and science. Learn more about the 2019 RFP.

Proposals are due February 21, 2019, and awards will be announced in April 2019. Grants are given for a period of one year, and during that time recipients are encouraged to pursue new directions in their work that explore ideas in technology and culture. All proposals must be submitted via the online portal.

Since the launch of the program in 2013, the Lab has awarded grants to 28 artists who have developed projects that engage aerospace, artificial intelligence, satellite technology, terrestrial laser scanning, 3D scanning, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and more. Many grant recipients have gone on to receive other major grants, academic appointments, residencies, and exhibitions as a result of work that was born in the Art + Technology program here at the museum.

In addition to the grant, the artists gain advice and in-kind support from the museum and from Lab advisors from Hyundai, Accenture, Snap, Inc., Dreamworks Animation, SpaceX, Google, and independent artists and academics. The purpose of the Art + Technology Lab is to nurture new work that would not be realized without such technical, in-kind support.

deadline: February 21, 2019
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