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Artists & Performers Call

Art House United Cowboys in Eindhoven (NL)

– In times of change, we reach out to each other, despite the distance –

Seasoning is an interdisciplinairy platform for live-art; inviting artists and performers to show new work with that slightly, but significant, different approach.

We are looking for new guest artists to join Seasoning!
Because of the Covid-19, we are restricted in the amount of artists we can invite to come to the Art house, unfortunately. We treasure the necessity of the live experience of performance, of dance, of music, of engaging fine art, so we have been thinking about opportunities to invite, curate, present work in a special way. United Cowboys believes in the body and physicality as reference for (R)evolution.For Seasoning Winter we invite artists to contribute solos, performances and art pieces, which can be easily presented to audiences in small spaces. United Cowboys will curate a program and walk- in installation from the selected works.

Besides that, we continue our video installation with the topic physicality.
We want to challenge you to send us an original video work of 5 minutes maximum.
A few rules:
–  no registration of existing performance work
–  fixed camera, not to be moved during recording
–  specific chosen background / image as cadre

The topic will be: Physicality – 3. The Heart
A selection of the applications will be part of a big installation at our Art House, where people can walk through, one by one, to experience the images, the atmosphere and the sense of proximity.

! Due to the COVOD -19 pandemic, all events and application requirements may be subject to change !

HOW TO APPLY: reply by the button below or send us an e-mail at with a brief reason/motivation, information  about you as artist (CV) and a link to the work

deadline: DECEMBER 4, 2020
more info: //