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Artist Protection Fund

The Institute of International Education

Artist Protection Fund

The Institute of International Education has a long history of providing fellowships to artists, supporting arts education, and providing safe haven to artists and scholars of art from around the world.

The Artist Protection Fund draws upon the unwavering commitment that the Institute has demonstrated for over 100 years to preserve lives, voices, and ideas from around the globe. With support from the Mellon Foundation and with the participation of many arts organisations worldwide, IIE developed the Artist Protection Fund to fill a critical unmet need by providing relief and safe haven to artists on a large scale, and for extended periods.

Artists from any country and from any artistic discipline/practice may apply. The programme is open to artists facing any threat of persecution or violence due to their practice, identity, or beliefs. This includes intimidation, harassment, repression, censorship, unjust punishment and violence arising out of an artist’s work, and/or exercise of her/his fundamental human rights. APF may also make a limited number of awards to artists facing general insecurity, instability, or civil conflict that affects the whole population of a country or region.

APF is not an emergency relocation programme. Successfully awarded Fellows may need to await host institution placement for 6-12 months upon notification of their APF award. Placement times can also vary depending on the uncertain nature of visa processing worldwide.

Host institutions provide various types of in-kind and/or financial support, including visa sponsorship, travel costs, housing, studio space, materials/supplies, and access to programming and networking. Beyond providing this elemental support, APF also asks that hosts take a vital role in ensuring the overall wellbeing of an APF Fellow in residence through frequent access to mentoring, personal and professional guidance, and social services, as needed.

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