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Art Competition

Art competition

The MÜNZENBERG FORUM BERLIN dedicates its artistic competition in the three categories – photography, film and collage – 2020 to the times of the state of emergency:

Each year we introduce a quotation that describes the present with a historical retrospective and shows a tendency for the future. In these extraordinary times of the Covid19 pandemic and against the background of the 75th anniversary of liberation day, we have chosen a quotation from Albert Camus „The Plague“ (1947) for 2020.

„All agreed that the amenities of the past couldn’t be re-stored at once; destruction is an easier, speedier process thanreconstruction.“

The novel is read as a processing of his personal and social experiences during the Second World War and his examination of the absurdity of life, the constant revolt against the senselessness of the world.

Wars and pandemics have in common that they fall unexpectedly on those affected. An end or a return to normality, whatever that may be, is not in sight.

Everyday life is newly shaped, in the case of Covid19: with fear of the illness, uncertainties, restrictions, control, isolation and withdrawal, but also with solidarity, connectedness and ways of bypassing new rules.

The MÜNZENBERG FORUM BERLIN expects submissions in the individual categories, which deal with/address today’s socio-political conditions and developments. In each category, prize money of up to 5.000 € will be awarded. A jury decides on its division among the winners.

deadline:  August 9th.
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