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Arab Cultural Networking Call

Culture Resource Launches WASL!

Founded in 2004,Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) is a regional, non-profit organization that seeks to support artistic creativity…

In keeping with its dedication to supporting independent cultural organizations against the backdrop of political, social, economic and cultural challenges that hamper the ability of organizations, initiatives and individuals engaged in culture and the arts in the Arab region to achieve their aims, Culture Resource has launched Wasl program. The new program is inspired by the desire to create new spaces for addressing the commonly shared difficulties that obstruct the development of such organizations, initiatives and individuals while remaining sensitive for their particular contextual properties and open to new individual or multilateral experiences.

Wasl program aspires to empower the cultural sector in the Arab region and to build bonds between cultural organizations across this region. Towards these ends, the program promotes networking between independent cultural organizations, strengthens the culture of collaboration and mutual learning between them by supporting collaborative projects with clearly conceived visions and specifically identified objectives, and organizes training workshops that engage the principles and methods of “peer learning.” A more general end is to help generate a critical and effective cultural force to press for the values of freedom of creativity and social justice.

What does Wasl offer?
Seed Funding of 7,000 USD to support a collaborative cultural project between two organizations.
A participatory training workshop.
A one-week working visit for each partner in the city in which the other partner’s organization is located.
Professional accompaniment of the collaboration progress through its various phases. The follow up is performed by a team of cultural managers and specialised trainers.
A set of tools to support the professional and institutional development and the management of the collaborations.
Becoming part of a network of cultural organizations.
A closing networking event in one Arab city.

How does the program work?
Applications are submitted to Culture Resource, proposing a collaborative cross-border cultural project between two cultural organizations from different parts of the Arab region. A jury of recognised professionals in culture and the arts evaluates the applications and selects five projects. Representatives from the partner organizations developing and coordinating these projects are invited to attend a participatory training workshop. The content and delivery of these workshops are developed and carried out by a group of professional trainers in collaboration with the participant organizations. In the next stage, the partners exchange week-long working visits to each other’s partner organizations in order to further develop and carry out their collaborative project. The program concludes with a closing networking meeting in which the partner organizations share their projects and experiences with a broader audience. The program also offers professional accompaniment to support the partners as they steer their project through its various phases.

The Program schedule
Application deadline: 22 October 2018
Application selection process: 1-31 November 2018
Announcement of results: 5 December 2018
First training workshop: February or March 2019
Exchanges of week-long working visits between partners to each other’s countries (or to a third country in which they have chosen to carry out their project for convincing reasons): Between March and December 2019
Closing networking meeting: Late January 2020

How to apply
Read the application guidelines before filling out the form.
Include with the application the required supporting documents (see instructions) that demonstrate that the aim of the trip is consistent with the aims of this program.
E-mail the completed form and supporting documents to
Note: Applications that do not include the required supporting documents or that do not meet the eligibility criteria will be eliminated and will not be submitted to the jury.

For any questions, please contact Wasl team:

deadline: 22 October 2018
more info: