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Artist-in-residence SAIKONEON was established in April 2019, aiming to provide a space for research, creation and exchange of knowledge for various artists and designers of various boundaries. SAIKONEON is located less than two hours away from Tokyo under the magnificent natural environment of Mount Fuji, with a facility on the shores of Lake Saiko in Yamanashi Prefecture. We also have a partnership with upcoming creative space, “Gallery Tsukigime”.

The residency program is accepting applications throughout the year. For the first year this year, our residency staffs and the partner gallery staffs will be selecting artists who can create and express exciting works, as well as artists with works that provoke our curiosity about their unique personality.
Through our residency program, we are aiming for artists to share their works and expressions to the world, and to make our residency a meeting place that stimulates the creative process of artists.
We would like to meet artists who can collaborate with us across regions and across countries shortly as well. We aim to be such a place where people say, “Something interesting happens if we are involved in this residency”.

Duration of residency
Up to 82days (about 3 months).

Private bedroom and shared kitchin , bathroom ect.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Visual art , Design , Literature , Performance , Music , cartoon/manga ect,

Studio / Workspace
Private studio & shared space.

Fees and support
Applicants must cover the costs of facilities, travel and living expenses, as well as production costs. Prices around 193,900yen per month.

Expectations towards the artist
Artist can receive the right to use the exhibition space (Right in the heart of Tokyo) and stipend for the exhibition. You may use it freely for exhibitions and workshops, etc if your plan is acceptable for the gallery.

Application information
Please send the following deta to maximum total file size for the above data is 5MB.Please combine data into one pdf.We recommend to “WeTransfer”. ・CV ・Portfolio(Image files, video files, website links, etc.) ・Residency Project

deadline: ongoing
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