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A breath of fresh air Call

Arras Biennial of Contemporary Art
Call for Artists

Appel d’Air (which translates both as ‘in-draught’ and ‘breath of fresh air’) is the title of the Arras Biennial of Contemporary Art (France). Since 2014, Appel d’air invites artists to invest in urban space. It is organised by the young curators from the Curating and Museography Master’s degree course of Arras University. The fifth edition of the festival will take place on the 1-3 April 2022.

Appel d’air is an interdisciplinary biennial: as such, its selection is open to all types of media and practices. Thus, all proposals from visual artists, painters, graffiti artists, sculptors, photographers, video artists, actors, composers, musicians, dancers, writers, etc. are accepted. The call for artists is addressed to professional artists as well as to young creators: art school students are thus welcome to submit proposals as well. Participation is open to local artists as well as artists from the euro-region. It is planned to select 10 artistic projects in total.

Previous editions of the biennial have chosen the theme of imprint, breath, intimacy and upheaval. This edition intends to address the issues of ecology, through the theme of ‘attention to the living’. How can we renew our attention to the living in all its forms, by finding a way back to a true intensity of listening? In what way are the ‘green spaces’ that punctuate the city the place where species meet and interact?

Each artist will receive a remuneration of 500 euros for their creation, including production costs. In addition, meals, lodging and transport will be taken care of, both for the residences and during the biennial itself.

Deadline: 15 May 2021
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