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Travel Grant

Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe
Travel Grant for Jewish Heritage Professionals Based in Europe

Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe’s grant scheme supports travel costs for Jewish heritage professionals who are attending professional conferences or training.

Support is available for a staff member working in a European Jewish museum, or one with a European Jewish collection, to attend a professional conference, participate in a seminar, or conduct a specific site visit within Europe.

Funds will be awarded to Jewish heritage professionals who:

Work professionally in a museum that has a significant Jewish collection. The work may be part-time but should be at least 16 hours per week.
Are based in a European country – including Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
Have at least 6 months of experience working professionally in the field of Jewish heritage.
Up to £1000 is available to cover costs and reimbursement will be made against receipts.

deadline: 31 October 2021 / 31 December 2021
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