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Puppet Theater & Puppetry Prize

Fritz Wortelmann Prize
Call for proposals 2019 (google translated)

Commissioned by the City of Bochum, the German Forum for Puppet Theater and Puppetry will be holding the competition for the Fritz Wortelmann Prize from 19 to 22 September 2019.

It is advertised in three categories:

Professional offspring
Adult amateurs
Youth clubs and school theaters

Theatrical projects that use dolls, figures, objects or masks in their pieces and / or work on stage with animation forms of new media can take part. Similarly, ensembles from music or art schools, theater centers and other children’s and youth institutions are invited to participate in the nationwide competition.

Adult amateurs are artists and groups who do not make their living for the most part in their artistic work. Professional young talents are artists and groups whose degree in arts education or entry into the profession is no more than three years ago and whose artistic team consists of at least half of artists who are regarded as new blood.

From the applications up to fifteen productions with a playing time of no more than 50 minutes are selected and invited to Bochum. Expert juries award the prizes in the various categories. The prize for young and adult amateurs is endowed with 4,000 euros each. The young student can look forward to a rewarded performance and a stay of several days at the FIDENA 2020. In order to facilitate a productive exchange and to encourage sustainable contacts, the participating groups should be present throughout the duration. The stay in Bochum will be organized and the trips will be subsidized.

The Fritz Wortelmann Prize is an art and culture award from the city of Bochum, which was first awarded in 1959 and is now being awarded for the 46th time.

All additionally required documents will be listed on the application form.

For further information please write an email to or call (0234) 47720 in the German forum for puppet theater and puppetry.

deadline: April 30, 2019
more info: