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Research Multimedia Collaboration

Open Call (Berlin & Kiew): Research – Travel – Exhibition Project

ДЕКОМУНІ_АЦІЯ / DECOMMUNI_ATION is a research multimedia collaboration project that will be produced in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Berlin, Germany. We invite young artists, designers and thinkers to reflect on cultural and political situation and analyse the past and possible future in two cities. The group will work on topics of art during totalitarian regimes, cultural heritage, including demolishing processes of monuments and sights; conscious and unconscious artistic freedom or rather lack of it.

ДЕКОМУНІ_АЦІЯ / DECOMMUNI_ATION is a portmanteau from `Decommunization` – destruction of communist monuments and `Decommunication`, as a disruption of communication. The project includes meetings during the semester period in Berlin as well as a trip to Ukraine. The weissensee school of art and design in Berlin and the Art Academy in Kyiv will be the main locations for the work of our research group. Together we will prepare an exhibition at the KUNSTHALLE AM HAMBURGER PLATZ at the end of the project. The travel to the Ukraine is funded and free for the participants.

Project duration: June 2018 – February 2019
Travel to the Ukraine: 15 – 25 November 2018
Workshop-Week in Berlin: 15 – 25 January 2019
Exhibition Opening: 23 January 2019

To apply for the project, please send a short email to with the subject ‘DECOMMUNI_ATION’ until the 24th of June.
Please write a short paragraph about yourself and your motivation to take part in this project.

For information about the project we will have an info event on the Wednesday, June 13 at 7pm at the KUNSTHALLE AM HAMBURGER PLATZ. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The project was implemented within the “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ). The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Foundation EVZ. The author is solely responsible for the content.

deadline: 24 June 2018
more info: