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Art related Awards, Prizes, Competitions, Exhibitions, Festivals, Participations, Entries, Submissions, which do not require a fee from you in order to participate !!
Your Conscious Calling
We all have something to contribute to make the world a better place. However, it’s usually hard to get things done. Stop postponing a word or an action. Live today. Love today. Participate in CONSCIENZA Festival, a two-day adventure for active citizens who want to change their world!
We are calling for the inspiring people from the world of conscious living, upcycling, creative reuse, local production and artisanship to show us a voice of dissent against the very things that are made by systems in power to keep us divided.
We gather citizens of the world, thinkers and feelers, beyond entitlement, nationality or allegiance to government! CONSCIENZA Festival will take place on the 23rd of September 2017 at Hippodrome in Tongeren, the oldest town of Belgium.
Show us what you do to make this post-capitalist, climate-changed world a better place. Event participation and entry is free.

The theme
for this year’s festival is MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, focused on making the most of the resources we have available to us, in terms of our people and reusable materials.

Here’s some suggested ideas for topics that we’re looking for:
Eco-friendly crafts and arts Eco-conscious vendors Sustainability Green Tech Pet Adoption Organisations Effective altruists

Please, send the info about yourself to to get your registration.