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Typographic Call Moscow


Typomania 2018
International Typographic Festival

Typomania 2018, the International Typographic Festival, is announced and opening for entries in March to discover fresh video works created between 2016 and 2018 — containing type as the active component.

Both individual authors, as well as creative groups, without any age restrictions are eligible to participate.

The Festival is competitive and different prizes are awarded to the creators of the best typographical videos.

The 2018 competition includes the following categories:

Videos where the font is playing the key role
East-West – Typomania 2018 theme
Interpret the 2018 theme as you wish: geography, politic, culture, personal experiences.
Presentation of a typeface
Video demonstrating the abilities and specificity of type.
Movie titles
Captions for movies, cartoons, TV series, TV programs.Commercial and student works.
Text visualization
Visualization of a song, a poem or of another text.
Animation of the Typomania logo.
The International Typographic Festival Typomania is an annual type, typography, calligraphy and video event. The aim of the festival is to collect and connect as many type fans as possible and turn them in to a professional community.

Typomania 2018 will be held in Moscow on 26th of May — 3th of June in the Moscow Museum.

deadline: 1 May 2018
more info: