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Visitors section of the AC/E Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE)

The purpose of the Visitors section of the AC/E Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) is to facilitate the presence in Spain of prestigious international influencers, agents, professionals and programmers in the fields of the arts and culture, so that they can enjoy first-hand experience of various areas of Spain’s cultural and creative sector and establish direct and personal relations. Visits will preferably take place within the framework of sectorial or specific events held in Spain, in order to establish links with creators, artists and professionals from the cultural and creative sector in Spain with a view to reaching agreements for programmes and collaborations abroad.

By means of these grants awarded to foreign visitors to Spain, the programme encourages the internationalisation of Spain’s creative sector and is complemented ex post by the other section of the programme, the Mobility Grants, which provide incentives for Spanish artists, professionals and creators to travel abroad as part of the above-mentioned agreements. Candidates can be proposed by the following Spanish public institutions belonging to the field of culture or with a network of offices overseas: Organisations attached to the Office of the Secretary of State for Culture (Inaem, ICAA, Directorate General for Fine Arts, Archives and Libraries and Directorate General for Cultural Industries and Books), Aecid, and Instituto Cervantes.

Two application periods: 1-31 January and 1-31 May 2017.
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