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Living Memory Luxemburg


Call for applications: Living Memory
Artistic Residencies Centenary of the Great War

Particularly affected by the First World War, the French département of Meuse still bears indelible traces of the past. However, although this past is an integral part of the département’s identity, it is clear that the symbolic names and dates of battles are not enough to capture the attention of the Meuse people, or of new generations. One hundred years on, our view of the conflict has changed. There is a risk that people may trivialise and forget, so to mark the Centenary it seemed important to work on reappropriating the past, in order to raise civic awareness about the war and to understand its peculiarities, as well as recognising how it can help us to comprehend the region today, and contemporary society and its conflicts.
It is in this context that the Meuse Conseil Général has decided to promote the expression of contemporary perspectives and sensibilities related to the memory of WW1 and to war as a whole, by hosting artists in residence across the region.

It has chosen contemporary art and creation to ask questions about war and its effects, to connect people with their history, and help them explore this further.

For this period of commemoration, a network of creative residencies “installed” in several places across Meuse will aim to provide different interpretations of the war and help us comprehend the significance of the past, a crucial foundation for freedom and building a future.