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Calling Fake


Whether forgeries of objects, identities or information, forgery has tradition and is omnipresent. Who has not even been a victim of a fake, has consciously or unconsciously reproduced “wrong”? Are the boundaries between counterfeit and original (at all) still relevant?

In the annual exhibition project OPEN CALL, we would like to take up the manifold possibilities of artistic forms of expression and invite creative people to express themselves artistically on the given topic by means of various media.

Whether you are a physics student, kindergartener, housemaid, freelance artist or pensioner – everyone can participate!

The styles can be as varied as the interpretations of the theme: video, photography, painting, drawing, digital art works, small installations, performance, text, … and everything in between.

The final exhibition of the submitted works takes place in the project flat krudebude and presents under the curatorial guidance of the krudebude-team the manifold arguments with the topic.

Exhibition: 7.-17. June 2018

Send us this with pictures of your work: contact [├Ąt]

deadline: April 30, 2018
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