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Animation Residency



Since it was established in 2007, our residency for writing animated film has acquired international recognition. Young filmmakers in residence at Fontevraud Royal Abbey are able to benefit from a framework that enables them to write their films. During their residency they can immerse themselves in their work without worrying about material constraints, while benefiting from a calm atmosphere, ideal for developing their imagination and creativity and regularly resulting in successes

The Artist-in-Residence program gives directors an opportunity to come in our studio for one year to make a personal five minutes animation film (all techniques except 3D) that combines comedy and humor, intended for 5 to 7 y-o. Applicants, who must have already directed one or two short films, can submit a project with a real author’s point of view and develop original graphics.

– Final decision rendered by the committee > June 2017
– Writing residency at the Abbey of Fontevraud  > October 2017
– Residency at Folimage  > from November 2017 to December 2018

deadline:  May 5th, 2017
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