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3 Artist in Residencies

1. Open call RAVI Liège

Since 2016 AIR Antwerpen and Résidence – Ateliers Vivegnis organize an annual exchange program for visual artists from the Flemish and Wallonian regions of Belgium, to participate in residencies in Antwerp and Liège. This project supports a new dynamic between both cities, geographically only 1,5h away, but unknown to each other. In 2018 AIR Antwerpen and RAVI organize the third edition of this exchange. This open call offers a residency of htree months in Liège, from 1 October – 31 December 2018. Ex – residents in this program are Marie Zolamian, Oscar Hugal, Eva L’Hoest and Ciel Grommen.

This exchange program specifically focuses on Antwerp and Liège and how everyday life unfolds itself in these contexts. Both cities are connected with each other through the Albert Canal, which played an important role in recent economic and social history. The residencies and studios are located at the Vivegnis-site, in the neighborhood Saint – Léonard. The studio spaces installed in an old industrial building connect the residency apartments with Espace 251 Nord exhibition space. More information: and espace251nord.tumblr.con

– This open call is open to visual artists from the Flemish Region of Belgium, with a site-specific art practice and interested in the socio-cultural context of Belgium.
– The residency includes a per diem of 600 €/ month
– travel cost to and from the residency
– public presentation during the residency period

When interested you can apply by filling out the digital form underneath until Thursday 15 March 2018

2. Open call Residencias Artisticas por Intercambio (R.A.T.), Mexico City.

AIR Antwerpen presents in collaboration with R.A.T. Mexico City a residency opportunity of six weeks in Mexico City from 1 September until 15 October 2018

R.A.T. is a trans-disciplinary cultural organization that focusses on artistic research and exploration. R.A.T facilitates critical reflection and dialogue between local communities, artists, curators, managers, critics and researchers. It collaborates with other independent organizations in Mexico and abroad and organizes itself through a model of subjective economy, which guarantees their independency.

The residency is located in the apartment block Puerto Turin, in Colonia Juarez in the center of Mexico City. Next to a sleeping place the residency offers workspaces shared with the other residents and collaborating artists. R.A.T. provides an ideal introduction to the inhabitants of the apartment block and the neighborhood and supports interventions in public space. R.A.T. is primarily interested in artists who like to research the various layers of this megalopolis and its different faces.

More information: (only in Spanish)


3. Open Call Lugar a Dudas, Cali (CO), 2018

Deadline 30 april 2018

AIR Antwerpen and Lugar A Dudas Cali collaborate for the first time in 2018 to set up an exchange between both cities for visual artists from Belgium and Columbia. Through the open call posted here visual artists based in Belgium can apply for a residency of three months in Cali.

With 2 million inhabitants Cali is the third largest city in Columbia and capital of the Valle de Cauca department in the Southwest of the country. Santiago de Cali is considered a harbor city, because of the proximity to the harbor of Buenaventura that connects the country with its Pacific coast. Cali hosted the Pan American Games in 1971, which put the city more on the international map. The city exists out of 249 barrios with a very diverse population. A red thread in the turbulent history of Cali is the existence of dynamic art initiatives. Most known is the Grupo di Cali with a.o. film director and actor Carlos Mayolo, film director Luis Ospina and writer/ actor Andrés Caiceido. Agarando Pueblo (Vampires of Poverty), filmed in 1978, might be its most exemplary film, shot in Cali. The film takes the form of a mockumentary addressing the interest in that time to focus on poverty and violence and coined the term Pornomiseria. In the 80’s and 90’s Cali suffered under the drugs war and internal conflicts in Colombia, and the city was reigned by the Cali Cartel. Public space became fragile and unsafe. By the end of the nineties a.o. artist initiative Helena Producciones reclaimed public space by organizing an annual performance festival. Several of these performances were inspired by the socio political situation in Colombia, but also by the art activities of the seventies. In 2005 Oscar Muñoz and Sally Mizrachi initiated Lugar a Dudas (transl: a place for doubts). It is an art center in the neighborhood of Granada, at the Avenida 8, close to the city center of Cali. Lugar a Dudas organizes exhibitions, residencies, a summer school (since 2017), a documentation center and a vitrine facing the side of the street. Lugar A Dudas stands for independency and plays a central role in the current artistic scene in Colombia. Lugar a Dudas aims to promote and disseminate contemporary artistic practice. As its name suggests, the organisations works as a laboratory for research, lively discussion, reflection and critical analysis.

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