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Creative Fund



Ace & Tate Creative Fund

The Ace & Tate Creative Fund grants funding to emerging artists in order to bring brilliant ideas to life. It supports individuals or collectives working anywhere, in any medium, who take creative risks to break new ground. The Ace & Tate Creative Fund invites original, focused proposals for tangible projects which turn obsessions into objects, imagination into imagery.

The Ace & Tate Creative Fund is for artists and collectives with vision, regardless of their location or experience. The Ace & Tate Creative Fund is curious to hear creative ideas for tangible projects and want to see original ideas become stunning experiences, whether neon or noise, pixel or paint.

The organizers behind this fund review applications with the help and expertise of industry-recognized board members from the Netherlands, UK and Germany. The selected applicants benefit from the guidance and input of the creative board during the production of their project.

Deadline:  31-12-2017
(You can apply via the website anytime throughout the year, by sending the organizers your proposal, motivation, timeline, use of budget and portfolio.
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